Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kindred Spirits

 These two buddies have known each other since they were babies,
they have grown into a love for each other.
When they greet each other it is with a hug.
Now one is moving away and I wonder if when they meet again,
will they remember what they once had.

"When the spirits of two humans seem to automatically connect, when text and talk and testing one is addicting and joking is a a a, when convos flow so quickly that a separate language is created to accommodate the rapid firing of movie references, inside jokes, song lyrics, and long boring stories (zzzzz), when two people feel like they have known each other forever or previously or they just wish they had, and when love transcends romance- two people are kindred spirits."  from Urban Dictionary

Have you read or watched Anne of Green Gables?
Kindred spirit friendship was so important to her.
I have often wondered how do we find that special kindred spirit relationship.
Do we recognize it immediately or is it something that must be developed?
Do you have a kindred spirit friend?
If so, treasure them for I believe they are rare.


Bernideen said...

I am mixed with sadness and joy!

Laurie said...

I am with Bernideen! I have no kindred spirit, but I hope one day to meet a friend that it can be. Bless these two little ones!

Jeanie said...

They are so adorable! How sad one has to move. Yes, I have kindred spirit friends -- and I'm pleased it is plural. And they may well stay connected. I don't know if you remember reading about my friend Nancy in CO. I was five and she was four when her family moved to Montana. I didn't see her till we were both in high school but first our mothers kept us connected (badly scrawled postcards mailed by mom) and birthday greetings and presents. Then we got old enough to write and now we email regularly and have visited periodically, despite the distance. It can happen. Takes work. But it can happen!

relevanttealeaf said...

The little guys are absolutely precious! Two kindred spirit friends come to mind for me, and I'm blessed to know them.

Linda P said...

Let us hope these little ones will stay in touch even though one family is moving.
The Anne of Green Gables books are my favourites. I'm thankful that I have kindred spirit friends.

Angela McRae said...

What precious little friends! I do hope they will have memories of this sweet, sweet time in their lives!

Joy said...

I read and loved those books, and I am blessed with several kindred spirit friends.