Thursday, July 2, 2015

Oolong Ice Cream Tea

Yesterday morning there was an email in my inbox announcing
a limited offer on a tea from Steven Smith Teamaker.
There were only 200 boxes available and then it would be sold out.
I knew it would go quickly, so I hopped in my car and rushed to their shop
for Oolong Ice Cream tea.
It is a collaborative between the Smith teamaker, TonyTellin, and
Salt and Straw ice cream maker, Tyler Malek.
I couldn't wait to taste this tea just to see if indeed it tasted like tea and ice cream.
The creamy milk "oolong is blended with flakes of house-made candied sugar,
Madagascar vanilla, Marcona almonds, and white jasmine blossoms from China".
It did taste like a gourmet cup of vanilla ice cream, something a large step up
from a basic cup of oolong or vanilla ice cream.
Definitely a treat tea to be savored on a hot summer day.
It was both good as a hot tea and then iced tea too.

When visiting the shop they told me they would be making other collaborative teas.
If you want to follow along and have first dibs on a special blend make sure you are on
their email list at
It is a treat in a cup.


martea said...

I enjoyed your review of this, Marilyn as I had read their story about how they made it. It sounds like something to enjoy as a special tea time cuppa.

Laurie said...

Boy does that sound good! Tea and dessert in one!

Laura Morrigan said...

Wow! Sounds amazing!

Joy said...

That sounds so delicious - I'm glad you could enjoy it.