Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Tea Cupboard

My tea cupboard was looking a bit sparse.
As a tea lover that could have been a farce.
For I tell the tales of loving tea,
yet there was no tea in there for me.
So off I went visiting tea shops and online,
the best teas I wanted to find.
Now my cupboard is no longer bare.
I have enough I could even share.
Come by for a cup of tea.
I do believe you would be pleased.
a true story!

So if you would like to find some delicious teas online, visit teavivre.com
Let me know if you would like $8 discount, as I have 5 gift certificate codes to hand out.
Leave a comment and I will email you the e-gift card code.
Make sure I have a way of contacting you.
TeaVivre is celebrating an anniversary and is giving this as part of their celebration.
Congratulations, TeaVivre!

Playing with Bernideen at http://blog.bernideens.com/ today.


Lorrie said...

Cute poem about your tea cupboard!

Rosemary said...

Clever poem! Alas, my tea cupboard is full... purchased a few teas in England 'just because'. Mostly because I liked the tins!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

It surprises me that you should run low on tea but I guess it has to happen at some point. :-) Ever since another Canadian ATAA recommended Murchies in BC, I've been ordering from them and love their selection.

Angela McRae said...

What a charming poem — and I'm glad you made sure that the tea cupboard is no longer bare! :)