Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Day on the Farm

A little conversation about the tractor, definitely the boys at work.
My grandson and I had a day at the farm recently.
Feeding the pigs and petting the sheep was among the fun things to do.
Hello, Wilbur!
But best of all was hanging with a buddy.
Oh they had so much to say and do.
It was a sunny winter day, so perfect for playing on the farm.
And of course a bit of driving to get to the country
with a bit of racing too.
Playing at the farm is the very best of days!


Rosemary said...

So adorable! You have captured a very fun day! Love the two little buddies chatting, but particularly with his arm around the other. So cute!

Jeanie said...

That photo of the two boys together? Oh! It's priceless! Those expressions. And being able to pet the animals? Oh, what a divine day! Now tell me -- who really had the most fun?

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

I just love, love this post. Aren't boys so much fun?!?