Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tea in Stillness

The past 15 weeks I have been taking an online class
called StillSundays.
It is a photography class on still life's and just taking time to
savor the stillness, the quiet times of life.

This portfolio is a sampling of the photographs I have taken from my class.
We are encouraged to do a little photoshop work on them, but somehow
my stillness doesn't very often extend to photoshop.
These are straight out of the camera with maybe a crop or two.

For me seeing them all together has been fascinating.
I didn't realize I liked popping red into so much of my surroundings.
Red with white on the side plus tea throughout, that seems to be me.
A contrast for sure.

When you take photos, do you learn a bit about yourself?


martea said...

Lovely photos, Marilyn. I enjoyed seeing your Tardis Pie Tea tray.
When I think about my still photos, they all seem to have food in them:*)

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Beautiful photography, Marilyn!

Tracy said...

StillSundays... just the name makes my heart tingle! :) I love the idea behind this--so ideal for Sunday, meant to be the slow day. These are LOVELY, serene images, Marilyn... I like the details of each one. And I especially LOVE that little red house tea cozy with the snowflakes!! ...*swoon*... Is red maybe your secret favorite color? ;) I can see how this still life practice would be good for the soul... i enjoy taking photos a lot. It's usually after I've taken a photo, and looked back later, that I discover more--and yes, sometimes things about myself. I find myself in the images...((HUGS))

Sylvia said...

Good photo's, Marilyn. I enjoy seeing them.
We all need time to just 'be still'.

Teresa said...

Wonderful photos! I instantly felt more relaxed after viewing them. No need to photo shop.
Sips and Smiles,

Jeanie said...

I think you must have passed with flying colors. Each one is so inviting it makes me want to crawl into the frame and enjoy the tea, the treats and most of all the warm atmosphere. I've always thought your photos lovely and wondered why you even needed a class -- apart from the fact that classes always bring out more. Maybe more of what we had but with a new focus (no pun intended) or way of looking at things. You aced it.

You ask a good question. I think for me the photos I take tend to reflect the things that move my spirit or give me joy. Most aren't fancy pix or anything all that staged. They are family, friends, Lizzie, places, spots of vision I want to hold in my heart.

Steph said...

So lovely!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

You worked diligently on your class challenges Marilyn. I've not done too much while on vacation except capture the birds and blooms around. That is one thing I love about the house we rent, there are so many varieties of birds and songs to be heard.
The red teapot and candle jumped out at me, like the vibrant pop of colour I guess. Also I see you scrunched up a doily as Kim likes to do, after ironing things to make them neat and flat I find it hard to squish them to create a photo scene. :-)

Linda P said...

That sounds like a fascinating photography course and you chose the perfect subject to reflect your interest. I find when I'm looking back at my photos taken when out and about that if someone is wearing red the figure stands out and adds to the composition.

Rosemary said...

What a beautiful collection of photography.