Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday's Quotes

One winter night
A friend dropped in.
We drank not wine but tea.
The kettle hissed,
The charcoal glowed,
A lucid moon shone outside.
The moon itself
Was nothing special -
But, oh, the plum blossoms!
~Tu Xiao Shan

Look to the moon with your cup of
 tea tonight because it will be 
something special,
a full moon called Snow Moon.
In my cup will be Moonlight.
Plum blossoms yet to come.


Jeanie said...

I've been watching the moon -- fabulous, isn't it? And so bright!

Bernideen said...

Lovely photo and poetry! Delightful!

Mary said...

We have notice the moon the past few nights, so bright and beautiful. Will be out in the garden this evening to hopefully view this special one - cloudy today but hopefully will clear by tonight.
Yes - I'll make us tea for moon watching!

Mary x

Steph W said...

In Japan the plum blossom alludes to February as it's the first tree to bloom after the cold winter. I've seen a few blooming around here!

Linda P said...

A beautiful quote. I did look at the moon last night. We more or less had clear skies and it was shining brightly. I didn't know this one was called Snow Moon so thank you for sharing.

Lorrie said...

We walked under the light of the Snow Moon last night. It was full and oh, so bright, illuminating even the dark path through the woods. A lovely poem.

Laura M said...

Tea and friends! <3