Thursday, February 18, 2016

Return to the Lan Su Chinese Gardens

Lan Su Chinese Gardens has been closed for a few months
while it did some renovations and refreshing.
It reopened for Chinese New Years on January 8th.
What a delight to visit again and celebrate.
Flowers were beginning to bloom.
The decorations delighted my soul.

There was time to pause for a cup of tea and a little music.

There were many in the tea house enjoying the day.
All the windows in the tea house had been refurbished 
and did look so nice.
Even myself was sitting there having just come from the gym
and wearing my hat to protect from the rain.

The lake had been cleaned and encircled with new rocks from China.
The Lan Su Chinese Gardens in Portland, Oregon
does delight my soul.

A must see if ever visiting Portland.


Angela McRae said...

Looks so beautiful, and I'm struck by how much the *color* in these photos appeals to me. I saw a few early jonquils on my afternoon walk today and wanted to cheer! These gardens in Portland indeed look like they must delight a lot of souls!

Tracy said...

Such a BEAUTIFUL place... so much color and playfulness! So happy to see this morning... where it snowy & gray here. ;) Happy Days, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Jeanie said...

These installations are spectacular! I love the rush of color -- especially at this time of year when skies are more gray and at least here we would see snow. What a haven for meditation, photography or simple pleasure!

Tim Hart said...

This is so refreshing and relaxing, I would spend the whole weekend by chance.

Mary said...

Oh Marilyn - there you sit in the perfect place, I loved it there so much when we visited with you and Jim. You look fab for just coming from the gym!

Love the decorations - the entire garden must look even more beautiful, if that's possible, with the refurbishing.

Enjoy - you know if we can come back we'll want to go again!
Hugs - Mary

Storybook Woods said...

Love that garden. Looks beautiful. Clarice

Anne Jeffries said...

So, so pretty. Loved seeing this again.

Rosemary said...

You make me want to visit Portland! I always love it when you share the Chinese Gardens. So beautiful!