Thursday, July 27, 2017

Adobe Love, Final Santa Fe Post

I had seen pictures of adobe over the years;
so visiting Santa Fe and seeing the adobe buildings
was like surrounding myself with old friends.
The colors just sang to my heart
and danced in my soul.
Truly adobe was my hearts delight!
The colors under the intense blueness of the sky
just bubbled up inside of me.
Everywhere I looked my heart said, YES!
I wanted to move right here and wrap myself in a blanket of color.

The textures and contrasts brought my artist heart to life.
Just sharing these pictures with you makes me
tear up, heart dance, and rejoice with beauty.

So much warmth in these colors just surrounded me.
This is the final Santa Fe post from my adventure
in the southwest.
Somehow it is the one that sings strongest to me.
If I could I would move here and become
a bohemian princess or a fairy goddess.
I would twirl and dance and sing and create
beauty all around me.

Is there someplace that just moves your heart
to dance, twirl, and sing?


Jeanie said...

I love the warm tones of the adobe, the rich colors. And that sky. I can see why this might be a favorite post of yours and certainly a favorite spot.

Tracy said...

I do like the warm colors out west there... so different from what I experienced as architecture growing up, and all through my adult years, and even now. Something about that blue sky and red earth really makes the heart sing. As for place though, the English countryside in the UK is the place of my heart. Those rolling hills, hedgerows, the green that is like green nowhere else... that's where I'd like to dance! :) Fun to dream such dreams... ((HUGS))

Adrienne said...

There is something very special about the Southwest and the adobe structures. It captured my heart when I was there and I know I could find myself right at home in an adobe house. Your photos are gorgeous and it makes me want to take off and explore the places you've shared.