Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Tea Time at Butchart Gardens

Mrs. Butchart's private garden and garden tea house
where she could sip and dream.
How I would have loved sitting in this garden house
with a cup of tea and a chat with Mrs. Butchart.
Isn't it just beautiful?
It is closed off to walking and sitting,
but we could still wander into the tearoom nearby and sip awhile.
And sipping, sharing friendship, and sitting awhile was planned for this day.
Meeting dear friends that had traveled from New Zealand
was the course for the day,
but sharing teatime was made all the more precious because of it.

Over 35 years ago I met Rosemary when I took a group
of spinners and weavers to New Zealand for the
National Woolcraft Festival.
Over the years we have met in the US when Rosemary
and Bill traveled for wool festivities, plus we traveled 
together in England a few years ago too.
Friendships like this are very special
and definitely worth making the effort to gather together
whenever the opportunity arises.
So last week we ventured to Victoria, BC, Canada
for a time to walk in the gardens and sip tea together.

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Rosemary said...

How lucky to be able to reconnect with your friend Rosemary at such a lovely destination! So special and equally memorable! Love tea time, love good friends. What can be better than when the two intersect!

Ruth W said...

How apecial! W think their tea is better than that at the Empress! So fun you were able to share such lovely time together!

Louca por porcelana said...

What a stunning garden!Great tea time with friends,great treasure!

Time Traveling in Costume said...

Oh my gosh, to have a garden like that, and to have the weather that could support and not kill it. ;)
I remember vaguely going there about 30 years ago with my Mom but we didn't have time for tea. And then our bus broke down on the way back. Surprisely, as many times as I've gone to Victoria, and all the other tearooms I've visited there, I've never made it back. Maybe someday I can talk hubby into going.
Thank you for sharing your trip.
Hugs, Val

Mary said...

Oh wow, I'd not seen this post when I e-mailed you earlier this morning! Now I know more about your lovely NZ friends and that you visited there a long time ago!

Lovely looking teatime at Butchart -
Hugs - Mary

Jean | said...

How wonderful to be able to be there together! It's been years since I've visited Butchart Gardens. Tea at the Empress has become so touristy, I'm told, in recent years that this would be much more pleasant.

Lorrie said...

Tea time at Butchart is truly splendid. What a happy looking group of tea-takers!

Adrienne said...

What a wonderful friendship! And tea together in the gardens - oh, my! What a treat!

Jeanie said...

This is another spot on the bucket list and boy, it looks terrific. And you tea with friends, all the better. Looks seriously yum!

Bernideen said...

Oh my what a lovely teatime. You sure enjoy such wonderful tea experiences and tea rooms!

Angela McRae said...

What an incredible tea tray! And I'm also pondering that some Newnan friends were at Butchart Gardens last week. Can't helping wondering whether you all might have crossed paths!