Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Folk Art Museum, Back to Santa Fe

 Here we are back in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
If you have never been to a folk art museum,
this is the one to visit.
I have never seen so much folk art in one place.
There was a special exhibit of Hobo Art.

 And Flamenco too!

 Wouldn't you love to strut and twirl in this dress?
 Then their regular exhibits were just packed.

 If your senses are not filled completely,
stepping into the surrounding grounds
would fill your heart with more beauty.

 There was another museum here on the hill, but now I must go back
to take in more of the art on the hill and all it's beauty.
I know I keep going back with more of my southwest adventure
in May, but there was so much to share.
Hope this entices you to visit Santa Fe.


Laura M said...

Just fascinating M

Red Rose Alley said...

What a cool post, Marilyn. I enjoyed looking at all the colorful folk art. And that miniature village is delightful. I like all the festive clothes that are worn in Santa Fe. This museum is definitely one I'd like to visit.

Enjoy these last July days.


Jeanie said...

Fascinating post, Marilyn. I love it when a community celebrates the culture of its community. So many really gorgeous things...

Tracy said...

Oh, this PLACE! I want to go there... what an amazing museum! It's like the south west all wrapped up in a pretty place to wander... I'd probably be escorted from the building though, getting in trouble for wanting to play with the displays... LOL! ;) Take us back as often as you like, Marilyn-- LOVE all this! ((HUGS))