Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lavender in My Garden

 This picture is from my garden, but softening has been added.
It is rather full of flowers right now and the bees are loving it.
 The real colors of my garden.
It looks a bit wild along the front walk.
There are some that don't like to walk past it because of the bees.
Lavender relaxes us.  It soothes our weary souls.

Love is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same.  ~Helen Keller

Wikipedia:  Lavenders are sometimes put in medicine, too, and sometimes to prevent infection - such as lavender oil, that was used in World War 1 to disinfect walls and floors of the hospital. As the folk wisdom says, lavender oil is also helpful to headaches when rubbed on your temple, and lavender tea helps you relax before bed time. Lavender also is very helpful when applied to insect bites.

Do you love or like lavender?
Do you find the scent relaxing?

Each year I love it a bit more.
Take time to savor each and every day and find the beauty
in your surroundings.


Angela McRae said...

Yes, I do love lavender and find it quite a relaxing scent. I once had a dried lavender spray a friend had made, and I loved it so much I kept it until it practically disintegrated in my living room!

Anonymous said...

I adore lavender it grew wild when I was a wee one..My mother who passed from this life adored lavender when I buy some soap with it in it I think of her and she put bouqets in our house and said they were gods little angels...sigh she passed when I was young but I truly think Lavender is the one flower that is the queen of all flowers, soaps, essential oils and yes lavender tea is great, have a lovely day, I drink tea early in the mornings and read your blog living in the 'couv vanacouer Washington, your blog is so peaceful and respectful of all things tea and nature..ciao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lorrie said...

I'm not that fond of lavender scent, however, the plants are gorgeous and I have several. I do make sachets for linen closets with the dried lavender, and I made some lavender sugar once that was quite nice with tea.

Jeanie said...

I love lavender and your bushes are fantastic. I love it in your yard. Mine didn't winter well so now it's in a big pot that comes in the garage for the winter and came back well. Your garden is wonderous!

Red Rose Alley said...

Your lavender is so pretty in your garden, Marilyn. The color really got to me, as Purple is my favorite color. I think it relaxes us too - just the beauty of the flower itself and the scent. Love this Helen Keller quote. : )


Mary said...

I used to have plenty but I think the blasted voles chewed the roots and all have died - the plants not the voles!!!!

I love lavender fragrance - soap and hand lotion especially. It definitely is a relaxing scent and Yardley in the UK must have made billions from their great lavender products over the many years they've been in business! We grew up with lavender products in England!

Tracy said...

Oh, soooo lovely is that BIG swath of lavender in your garden, Marilyn! It's be lavender days in a bit way to as lots is in bloom and daily enjoyment of it. Last week added two new lavender to our patch here. I LOVE lavender! I've been doing much with our lavender, harvesting it for drying and using in things from baking, homemade tea blends, to home remedies. I love it's relaxing qualities and gentle beauty. For me, it's not summer without lavender! :) ((HUGS))