Monday, July 3, 2017

Walk with Me - Bloedel Reserve

 Come walk with me through the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island,
Washington.  The second time I have walked here, but in another season.
It is one of my favorite places to walk, so on adventuring north last
week I had to walk here.
 The enchanted forest.
 The Japanese gardens and teahouse are so serene.
 The garden below the teahouse.
 Always lovely places to stop for meditation.

 Lilies so tall and beautiful.
 We can sit here and chat awhile.
 A view worth savoring.

 Stopping to admire the flowers.
Brother and sister's hands reach out together.

 More walking along the soft trail in quiet and solitude.
 The magnolias were amazing.
 And again we linger.

 The circle is complete as we return to the Japanese garden.
 I just couldn't miss noticing the beauty of the day.
Dear friends, go out and notice what you notice.
What is surrounding you, delighting you in the outdoors today?


Red Rose Alley said...

wow, you have been to some wonderful places lately. This forest is really enchanting. Looks like the fairies might live there. ; ) I would love to stop at that teahouse. There is something so pretty about the magnolia bloom. I have magnolia trees right in my neighborhood, and the blooms are so BIG. Thanks for taking me along on your walks, Marilyn.


Louca por porcelana said...

Wow,fabulous photos!Gorgeous flowers!