Thursday, July 20, 2017

Canyon Road, Known for it's Art

I didn't grow up in a family that particularly appreciated art;
but I knew I loved art and creativity.
I pulled together a bit of art knowledge when the opportunity would arise.
By the time I attended design school at the age of 40
 I soaked in the love of art
through art history classes and hands on art classes.
My heart still soars just to be surrounded in the
beauty of a persons creativity.
Even in the structure of these buildings,
oh the colors and form just sing to my heart.
Strolling through the galleries along Canyon Road
in Santa Fe, New Mexico was a dream come true.
Aren't these collages amazing?

Art was everywhere I looked and I was delighted.
I could have danced here.

This sculpture touched my soul.
It was me as a child.
And this one too was me.
Now I dream of visiting here again, surrounded by creative souls
and tuck them deeply into my heart.

As mentioned yesterday, Georgia O'Keeffe was one of my favorites.
Do you have a favorite artist or a friend that just surrounds
her or himself in creative pursuits?


Red Rose Alley said...

Marilyn, I can see why you like to visit this place - it has such a creative selection of art. I love the statue of the girl reaching her hands to the sky - that was me as a child too. And I really like the collages, very creative. I didn't realize you went to design school, wonderful. Jess has a degree in Interior Design, but she changed careers when she decided to teach elementary school.

And to answer your question, Maya Angelou is my favorite. : )


Tracy said...

So glad you've taken us back to Canyon Road, Marilyn! It's like a mini art paradise. Loved hearing about your experience with art. Mine is much the same. I grew up among a family and people where art and creativity were not every day things, or even once in a while thing. My Mom always says, "I don't know where or who you get your creativity from." LOL... All I know is beauty and creativity are in my blood somehow, God-give, and I need it to live and survive. WONDERFUL works of art here... Those collages are especially enchanting, the sculptures too! I love the works of Georgia O'Keeffe, especially what she did with flowers. The vibrant floral paintings of Robert Kushner speak to me too. Impressionists--Degas and others, of course. I also like Scandinavian artists like Vilhelm Hammershoi and P.S. Krøyer. My list would be long--too many creatives whose work I admire very much. This was such a treat--thank you!! :)))

Jeanie said...

I really do have to go here. I know what you mean when you said you could dance there because I could tell your heart already was. And the colors -- that adobe and turquoise in the first photo. I'm wild about the collages, the sepia is such a perfect color tone for them. And the paintings so happy.

Your final question is a good one. I certainly have artists I love and whose work speaks to me, and yet they are so different -- the impressionist Monet, expressionistic Van Gogh and very real and detail-oriented Rockwell. I love Vivian Swift's watercolor techniques and Emil Weddige's lithography. And I hear all of them when I work.