Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Everything Tastes Better Outdoors

Do you like to walk in the garden and forage for food?
What would you find there?
In my garden I walk each day watching for ripe figs.
So far they are ripening one at a time,
just right for a nibble as I walk.
But sometimes I just love sitting at a tea table with a friend.
Tea time in the garden is so extra special.
It is fun to incorporate food from the garden into tea time delights.
Radishes with goat cheese, yummmm!
Or fresh sliced tomatoes with a leaf of basil on a baguette slice.
Then of course, who can resist just eating a tomato in the garden?
What is it that makes eating outdoors just taste better?
Fresh air, peaceful surroundings, and yummy garden produce!
How I love time in the garden, sipping tea and nibbling.

As our rains have returned this week and it is beginning to
feel like Autumn/Fall is in the air,
I am feeling the draw to pull on a sweater
and slip outdoors just one more time for a sip of tea,
a nibble on a fig, or a munch on a tomato.


Jeanie said...

I know what you mean. Our outdoor dining days are numbered but we'll hang in with sweatshirts till it's just too cold. What a pretty table you set here, Marilyn. But then you always do!

Louca por porcelana said...

Beautiful tea time!How gorgeous your flowers are!Are they Dahlias?Hugs.

Tracy said...

LOVELY autumn tea outdoors, Marilyn! Such beautiful photos! I love eating and tea outdoors! Everything really does taste better when eaten outdoors. I think because our senses are heightened somehow, being outdoors. We are nearing the end of our growing season for the year, and there's not much for picking from the garden. Some blackberries, a few apples. It was a good berries/soft fruit year. But not so much for our apples & plums. I'm hoping during the winter ahead to plan more, better, and learn about how to extend the season with more edibles. So maybe, weather depending too, we can be picking salads and other things almost until Thanksgiving/Christmas time! There is a gentle rain falling as I write, and autumn is definitely here... Happy Autumn Days, my friend :) ((HUGS))

a rich tapestry said...

We've just eaten what might be the last of our figs, but we're still gathering tomatoes and looking forward to the crop of apples and pears as they're beginning to ripen. Your table setting looks so attractive with the dahlias used as a seasonal decoration. It's certainly time to pull on a light wool jumper (sweater) or cardigan here in our corner of north-east England as the days get a little chilly.

Red Rose Alley said...

Marilyn, I have been craving figs lately. Maybe it's that time of year. Your table setting is so nice, and I absolutely love that picture of the side of the table with the red flowers. There's just something about red flowers that I have to stop and gaze at. Your tomatoes are getting ripe. I'm glad you got some rain. It's getting cooler here too.


Mary said...

Glad you are tasting some figs now Marilyn. We still pick a few every few days - leaving remainder for the birds and squirrels.
Sorry I've been missing here - just too much going on to keep up. Dental surgery, doctor appsts. and life general took up many hours over many days and now we're starting on the house repairs/painting etc. after having many people here giving estimate - all takes up too much time! We've decided to re-do the entire house siding with Hardiplank - not planned before but seems the best way to go. Today they start on wood repairs and of course there's a lot of unseen stuff rearing its ugly head, such as carpenter ants so that means the ORKIN man will come later today!!! I see our savings greatly diminished before all is done!!!!! Plus I'm exhausted!!!! But life must go on, right.

Hope your dear J is making a good recovery - hug him for me please!
Hugs to you - Mary X

Angela McRae said...

I think everything is better outdoors, from walking and reading to eating those fresh tomatoes! And your fig comments make me want to pull out my fig tea.