Monday, September 4, 2017

Walk with Me - Glendoveer Golf Course

Happy Labor Day for those that live in the US.
This week my walk took me to the Glendoveer Golf Course,
walking with a friend.
The trail was well manicured and the perfect place
to chat with a friend, catching up on summer events.
A golf course hadn't been on my radar for a walk,
but my friend had heard it was a nice trail.
I must agree.
There were actually quite a few people out enjoying a clear
sunshiny summer day.
Have you ever walked on a golf course?
It is really peaceful and the perfect place to walk.

Where have you found to walk recently?
Are you ready for the crisper days of Autumn?
Seeing these trees reminds me of all the forest fires
on the west coast states of the US.
Take care dear friends and keep on walking.


Tracy said...

So pretty! A golf course... I wouldn't have thought of that either. I've never actually been on a golf course at all, nor waked one. But this place has such nice paths to walk and admire the greens and wood--NICE!! I've been under the weather with cold, and no out much. I'm missing sunshine and fresh air! Hope to be out & about soon... We're having a touch of autumn already, so I'm eager to get out and see the small changes, not just to our garden, but other places. Happy new week, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Jeanie said...

I wouldn't have thought to walk a golf course, though one up north is one of my fave fall places to photograph. I love the path -- that's a super nice touch!