Friday, September 8, 2017

Tea Time - Dreaming of the Changing Season

The sky is thick, and the dusky twilight hides the hill-tops;
The dewy leaves and cloudy buds cannot be easily plucked.
We know not for whom, their thirst to quench,
We're caused to toil and labor, and daily two by two go.
-A stanza from a traditional tea plucker's song,
as quoted by Williams, Middle Kingdom

The season of Autumn will soon be here,
the season of abundance.
I always find myself gearing up for more hefty teas
in my cup, such as a Yunnan Gold or Puerh.
What better to pair with warm apple pie or squash soup.
These teas welcome me with the morning sunrise
and I sing a song of JOY. 

What do you like to sip from your cup on a cool Autumn day?
What JOY comes from your kitchen in the way of baking or cooking?
Today I am thinking of making something with tomatoes, maybe a tart.
Tomatoes and plums are drying in the dehydrator as I prepare for winter. 
My tea basket is sitting in readiness with some wonderful Puerh's
and my thoughts are beginning to plan new purchases for the cold days ahead. 

Happy weekend, dear friends!!


Mary said...

Such a lovely photo - Autumn is in the air at last, apples, pumpkins and Nature's bounty will hopefully be enjoyed even as people struggle in Texas, and here in the southeast most likely after tomorrow.

We are in limbo - have had all the front shrubs plants etc. cut down or pulled out - it looks so desolate - and are still awaiting more painter estimates. The one we were going with seems to be unreliable and we discovered has a somewhat blemished record with the law (the Internet is good for some things!). also he won't give us his proof of insurance so we have decided 'no way' despite his affordable bid! Just not worth being left in the lurch and out of pocket even before the job is started!

So we're back at square one regarding sprucing things up! Thank goodness we'll be out of Irma's path by the sound of it, no way can I handle all that right now. Sometimes I'd just like to run away - or get on board one of those world cruises and be gone for months, haha!!!!!

Hope the fires and ash are over - the country is just overwhelmed at Nature's fury.
Hang in there dear friend - Mary XX

Mary said...

P.S. I made a really good tomato tart yesterday - also spinach and zucchini soup. Baked a new cake too - blackberry yogurt tahini which is very good. Both tart and cake recipes came from current edition of Bon Appetit mag.
Mary - who likes to cook when frustrated!

Red Rose Alley said...

Mariyn, I haven't heard of your teas before. I usually sip on green tea and English Breakfast, and sometimes chamomile at night. I always love your tea posts, my friend. They are so delightful, and tea time is one of the simple pleasures in my world. :)

Have a wonderful week ahead.


Jeanie said...

What a fabulous photo. Marilyn, you've outdone yourself with that one!

I made a wonderful lemon zucchini bread yesterday. Now I need to make more -- it was a hit!

Tracy said...

BEAUTIFUL image with a taste of autumn and grace, Marilyn...*sigh*... Tea with a touch of spice appeals lately. I had a tiny stash of Bigelow Orange Spice tea bags from back home there, and I'm enjoying the last of those. Apples and making/baking with apples also stirs the appetite. Sliced apples cooked in butter and cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice make a delicious breakfast with toast, or for dessert with ice cream. A dehydrator is on my wish-list for preserving things next year. I've never used one before, and am excited about trying one. Your tomato tart sounds so good... Tomato tart, with some spinach, maybe some soft goat cheese... mmm... Happy Tastes of the Season! :))) ((HUGS))

Jean | said...

Marilyn, beautiful photo! I too am eagerly awaiting autumn, one of my two favorite seasons of the year (the other one being spring). I'm going to enjoy the fresh figs while they last and then move into autumn baking with apples and pears and all the other in-season things. All to be enjoyed with my favorite strongly brewed loose leaf black teas, some with a splash of milk.