Friday, September 22, 2017

Welcome Autumn!

Autumn in my garden means pumpkins.
There are pumpkins everywhere.
In the garden, in the garden house, and in the house.

Inside the season is changing with the last bouquet of the season.
The hummingbirds are fattening up for the winter.
Are you ready for Autumn delights,
like pumpkin bread, apple pie, or a spicy donut?
Maybe squash soup is on the horizon in your plans?
This morning I brought out a loaf of apple bread to nibble with my tea.


Summer is a candle
In a golden stick,
A yellow, yellow candle
With a poppy wick.

A yellow, yellow candle
That burns a lovely while,
Till autumn comes a-running
Down a purple mile.

Till autumn comes a-running
With a windy shout,
And vaults the golden candlestick,
And blows the poppy out.

~Kitchen Sonnets by Ethel Romig Fuller 

Happy Autumn to you, dear friends!
I encourage you to show kindness to each and everyone.


Red Rose Alley said...

You grow pumpkins in your garden, Marilyn? How wonderful! I like the white pumpkins, but there's just something magical about seeing orange pumpkins at Fall. I love that picture of the sweet angel and pumpkins. I'm fairly new to your blog, but you will find out that the hummingbird is a beloved bird to me. This is such a pretty picture. Yes, he's bigger than the ones I see around here. : )

Happy Autumn, Marilyn.


Jeanie said...

Squash soup and apple bread. Two of my favorite things!

Love the photos. You know, I planted about a dozen pumpkin seeds and they got little sprouts, a couple even flowers and NOT ONE pumpkin. I had visions of a little stand on my driveway offering up the extras... maybe next year!

Mary said...

I've not bought any pumpkins yet, just too much going on with the exterior house project - which has grown into a bigger than expected job of course!

Yours are super - I will shop for some later next week when we hope to go to the country and our favorite pumpkin farm!

Hugs - Mary

a rich tapestry said...

Your pumpkins are beautiful, real and ceramic. I like the way you have displayed them especially the ones balanced on the pots in the pot holder. We haven't room to grow them, but when we see them in the fruit and vegetable stores we know that Autumn has truly arrived. Happy Autumn Marilyn!

Tracy said...

LOVE all the mini pumpkins! Your weekending welcome autumn sounds delicious! We made a dish very typical for Norway this time of year, fårikål, which is a slow-cooked lamb and cabbage casserole--sooo good--eaten with potatoes and a relish similar to cranberry sauce. It was just the thing to warm up to after a walk--it's been chilly here! Happy Autumn Days, my friend ((HUGS))