Thursday, September 14, 2017

Tea - The Experience

Looking back through past pictures
I find so many pictures of tea;
but it isn't just the tea that I find fascinating
but the experience of tea.

More and more I realize that tea time is part of an experience.
It is an experience I love for it's quiet times and 
gentle times shared with friends and family.

Tea can be savored with our morning toast or 
a time of quiet at the end of the day.
One teashop in town reads your Tarot cards as you sip tea.
Others use it as meditation either alone or with a small group.
There are traditions and ceremonies wrapped in with sipping tea. 
As a blogger who often writes about tea, 
it really is the sharing of the experience of tea.
From a child's tea party,
 To WuWo Tea Ceremony,
 My early morning tea time alone,
 The elegance of afternoon tea while traveling,
 Breakfast tea time shared with my "live-in gardener",
 Sitting in the garden,
 Or tasting tea in a tea shop.
 I savor each and every experience with a good cup of tea.

How do you experience tea?

"Though I cannot flee
From the world of corruption,
I can prepare tea
With water from a mountain stream
And put my heart to rest."
~Ueda Akinara 

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a rich tapestry said...

That quote is interesting and thought-provoking. So many enjoyable social times are based on drinking tea with a friend, group of friends or relatives whilst a
solitary cup of tea can be an opportunity for a time of meditation.

Lorrie said...

The Akinara quote is so lovely. We do live in a sad and broken world and those moments of respite when sitting with a cup of tea, surrounded by family and friends, or merely one's own very good company, are truly comforting.

Jeanie said...

This is lovely, Marilyn. It's so clear that each and every moment of your tea time isn't just drinking a beverage but having that experience you mention. I tend not to be that way about tea too much unless I'm joined by a friend or it is a cold, cold night. But you inspire me in that way.

Tracy said...

It has been a great joy over the years to share tea with you here, Marilyn! The sharing of your different experiences takes us through windows to different place, different tastes... That quote is sooo BEAUTIFUL! No matter how broken things are, tea is a salve and a comfort. I love the quiet of tea. That first morning cup, which I usually enjoy during prayer time, is the best. I love the calm of tea. A cup of tea is a highlight several times throughout my day, and no matter how the day is going, tea is friend who lifts me. :) ((HUGS))

Red Rose Alley said...

You always have the most wonderful tea quotes on your posts, Marilyn. I really enjoyed looking at all your tea pictures. There's something so sweet about a children's tea party. And I loved your early morning tea time alone. I'm sipping of chamomile tea right now. What a lovely post this is.


Jean | said...

Marilyn, I loved this post. Tea has always been a big part of my life. I still have the teapot my English grandmother bought on the occasion of my birth. I remember drinking tea with her when I was very young and so have been drinking it all my life. I have tea about 8 times a day, and my husband always makes my first cup of the day for me. Like you, tea is featured on my blog a lot. It's a food blog, and it seems everything I bake is something that goes with tea.

Rosemary said...

Each and every tea time experience is memorable for its own uniqueness. Love the special time with family, and the individuality of each tea room that we visit. The photos always capture such a special moment - and your photos are all a delight!

Adrienne said...

Another 'belated' post just found. I've been away - in the woods of Eastern Oregon this past week. I drank more tea in the woods than I usually drink at home. It's a great way to relax - and to keep warm around the campfire!