Monday, September 25, 2017

Walk with Me - Silver Falls State Park

 It had been quite a few years since I walked here.
Silver Falls State Park is just east of Salem, Oregon.
As you will see it is quite beautiful.
When my sister and I started walking on this paved trail
I thought, oh this will be easy.
 By the time we reached the south falls it was no longer paved,
but we continued on.
Isn't it gorgeous?
 The trail takes you under the rock cliff and
behind the falls to the other side.
 Old growth trees surrounded us.

 When we reached this second falls I wasn't sure if I
should turn back or go forward.
Each way was climbing down steep stairs and
then having to climb back up a steep trail.
 We kept moving forward and under another falls we went.
  Finally we made it back to the beginning where we sat by this creek
for a much deserved lunch.
 This is the park lodge, which looked very welcoming.
All in all it was about 2.5 miles of beautiful surroundings
and perfect weather.
You can't see from my pictures, but there were many people
out enjoying the early Autumn at the park.

Again I encourage you to keep on walking.
The way may be rough at times, but oh so worth it.


Red Rose Alley said...

What a peaceful place to walk. I love the forest and woods - it's very mysterious and pretty to me. That waterfall is gorgeous. These are lovely pictures, Marilyn.


a rich tapestry said...

You're blessed to have had the company of your sister on this trail through the forest. The waterfall is spectacular and to walk behind it must have been thrilling. The park lodge is a beautiful building. I hope that all is going well with J.

Jeanie said...

Marilyn, these photos are fabulous. What a haven this is. I'm such a sucker for waterfalls and you don't always find them. I'm so grateful you shared it with us.