Thursday, January 18, 2018

Be the Light

 At this time of year I go searching for light.
When I went walking this week at the Japanese Gardens,
I was on my search.
When I arrived the sun was sprinkled through the trees
so very beautifully.
I stopped for a cup of tea and the light disappeared.
As I walked I thought I had missed the light;
so I tried to notice other things.
 Small touches of color.
 Raindrops on camillias.
 Finally when I was about to leave the sun came out in all it's glory.
Isn't the light most amazing when it decides to show up.
 How I love finding the light.
Here even on my back steps I found the light for a cup of tea.

At this time of the year, when it is the darkest,
I bring light into my life.
In the darkness of a winter day candles are lit,
twinkling lights spread on tables and over my mantel.
Including light in my days and evenings improves
my mood tremendously.

Searching for the light, I found these two quotes.

If you can't be the sun, then be a star.
~Martin Luther King Jr.

To Native healers, "light" is a vision of well-being
where broken hearts and bodies are healed, and where
many times the true cause of an illness is found.
Once found, it is more easily remedied.
~Yakima healer, from Listening with Your Heart
by Wayne Paete, M.D. 

Do you add light to your winter days?
How do you make it through the darkness?

Happy weekend, dear friends!


wisps of words said...

Oh yes, we do have to find our own ways, to find the light, in deep Midwinter. Being in the NE, our winters are long. Snow is pretty, but ice is not. And when grey days, go on and on and on... It is hard to remain up-beat.

Luckily, I am not as bothered by this, as my husband is. He really misses longer days/evenings. And being able to do things, in the yard, and in his garage work shop. He has heat out there, but when it is too cold, it is a waste. And he can feel he is becoming depressed.

Soooooo... It is my job, to not let this happen!!!!! To watch his mood. Give him little pep talks, when needed. Etc.

And for me, this deep winter time, is a loved time of almost hibernation. Enjoy the coziness of home, spend some time in introspection, read a good book, enjoy watching the snow fall... While in my favorite chair, with a throw over my legs, and something to sip, on my little table. :-)))

And that, is how I "find the light," in deep mid winter...

Jeanie said...

It feels so dark at this time of year. I think we don't notice it so much in December with all the other lights. But when they are down we realize. This is indeed beautiful. I love the photo with the red berries.

Linda deV said...

Your blog is always a little piece of artwork. Lovely.

Mary said...

Oh yes, the candles are burning brightly here, inside and out! I've even hung red lanterns with timed candled in the fig tree - so pretty in the snow last night!

Tracy said...

Light feels such an extra precious things in winter... This Japanese garden is so beautiful. So many different plants, textures, shapes... Wonderful quotes too... the thoughts on Native healing especially. This week we had snow, quite a lot. And it's been very grey for days now. There's a lot of candles being lit these days! Fireplace in the evening adds extra cheer. While I enjoy the coziness this time of year invites, I do have a hard time with strings of grey days, and have to give myself a peep talk frequently, and "find the light"... or try to be the light! :) Happy winter days, Marilyn... ((HUGS))

Red Rose Alley said...

How nice that you try to find the light during the cold Winter days, Marilyn. Although I love Winter, the sun shone this morning, and it felt so good while sipping on my coffee. Your pictures are pretty at the Japanese Gardens.