Tuesday, January 16, 2018

T Project - Ripe Puerh with Ginger

The flower is here just to cheer the day!

What can I say,
here is another tea that might take a couple tries
to get the amount and steeping time right.
But if you like ginger in your tea,
it will be worth it.
This is T Project's Ginger Puerh,
a small-batch, loose leaf ripe puerh black tea with ginger.
Perfect for a winter morning!

You can find it at T Project, here: https://www.tprojectshop.com/


Jeanie said...

Ginger is ALWAYS a favorite. But mostly I'm in love with your marmalade jar!

wisps of words said...

This lady is a "culinary alchemist"... I love that!!!!!

Red Rose Alley said...

That sounds delightful, Marilyn. I like the taste of ginger. And what a pretty picture.


Adrienne said...

The square teacup captured my heart. I've never seen one but now I must keep my eyes open for the possibility.