Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Da Hong Pao - Floating Leaves

When I ordered my stand-by morning tea, Yunnan Gold,
from Floating Leaves not too long ago; 
they included a sample package of Da Hong Pao oolong.
Here is their description of this wonderful tea:

"This Da Hong Pao has been roasted four times and the last roast was finished in 2016. You can find it at Floating Leaves, here.

The aroma has chocolate and ripe fruit notes. The broth is full bodied, heavy and warming. The aftertaste is strong and lingers for a long time in the throat. We love this tea for winter time drinking."

That was exactly what it was, as it is fully gone now.
This is a tea I will for sure be ordering soon.
I would say it is not only a tea for winter,
but all year long. 
The flavor lingers in my mind.

In the picture you will see my Marmalady's serving mat and
a wonderful teapot made by Richard Brandt, a local potter.
Don't you just love that bunny on the top?


wisps of words said...

Oh mercy, that certainly sounds delicious.

And the bunny is precious. :-)

Red Rose Alley said...

That's the most unusual tea pot I've seen, and so cute with the bunny, Marilyn. Da Hong Pao oolong sounds delightful. Would love to try a cup right now.


Tracy said...

What pretty images...and love that bunny!! The pot has a wonderful shape. Such a beautiful description of the Had Hong Pao... it sounds lovely drinking for now. A dear friend gave me a China Rose Pouchong for Christmas. It is sooo delightful! The rose hints of summer days. Lovely though it is, it's not the winter drink for me now, almost too light. So I will keep for spring/summer. I do like to open the packet and smell the roses though! ;)

Jeanie said...

That's a beautiful table setting for your tea. I love how you have the little cups on the mat and of course another wonderful teapot!