Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Walking Hand in Hand

No matter where we travel,
wherever we walk,
or wherever we wander
I will walk with you.
Sometimes the road is rough,
but together walking hand in hand
we can overcome whatever comes our way.
I will lift you when you fall.
Your arm will be in mine in the dark.
There might be times when we travel down into
the lowest point, then turn a corner
and rise up to the highest mountain tops.
There will be turns in the road 
and we might lose our way;
but in the end we can stick together,
travel the road together,
and find JOY at the end.
Come along with me for I know JOY is coming.

Times of reflection yesterday as I walked this trail
alone in the quiet of the morning light
at the Portland Japanese Gardens.
Then there were some moments of JOY over a cup of tea.
 The teahouse and the tea.
Early Tuesday morning, there was no one in the teahouse.
Sipping tea was pure JOY.


Jeanie said...

The Japanese gardens are so beautiful, Marilyn. Every time you post from there I smile because I love them so. Are these recent photos? Is it really that green?

wisps of words said...

Such a lovely walk!!!!! Such lovely photos, of it.

Lovely words too. Marriage came to mind, when reading them. A long marriage. We were married for 59 years, last November.

Mary said...

How much I would have enjoyed that walk Marilyn - in the quiet and peaceful surroundings!
Hope all is well dear friend.

Nora @ Teacup Tales said...

What a lovely, misty winter walk! I want to visit these gardens on my next visit. Last time I was close by and visited the Rose Garden. Are you able to enter the teahouse on your own or is there a staff member always present?