Friday, January 12, 2018

Ironing Day

Recently a friend said how much he likes to iron.
I was surprised first that it was a guy friend
and second that he liked to iron.
He even bought himself a new iron for Christmas.

Ironing Day

I do like ironing day, oh, quite the best
Of all the week-the tided calm, the peace
Of my small kitchen gives my heart new lease
Upon content.....with each clean garment pressed
And hung across the bars, I like to feel
A man, a little, fair-haired child will go
Immaculately clothed from this crisp row,
The happier for one short morning's zeal.

As under my swift iron, a pattern blooms
On table linen, worries are resolved-
With time for thought-to blessings, while in plumes
Of steam, problems fade, projects are evolved...
I may be tired, but still I thank the Lord,
When I am finished, for an ironing board.
~Kitchen Sonnets by Ethel Romig Fuller

 Do you iron?

I find it is time to meditate, dream, and think.
The two pictures are an indication of the things I like to iron.
Pillowcases and tablecloth's are my favorites,
but also I just love ironing my clothes and seeing the wrinkles disappear.
The wrinkles in my soul are soothed.

Happy Weekend, dear friends!


Red Rose Alley said...

When we downsized and moved, I really didn't have room for an ironing board and iron, and all the clothes I wear don't require ironing, so I did away with it a few years ago. The girls come over and need a dress ironed and ask me, "where's the iron?" I have to tell them every time.....I don't need one anymore! They don't ask me any more. ; )


Lorrie said...

I'm not particularly fond of ironing, but I don't dread it, either. I like to set up my ironing board in front of a television show and iron away while I'm entertained. I iron more in the summer than in the winter because of cotton clothing. I also iron linen napkins and tablecloths.

Jeanie said...

I think I have an iron. Seems I used one when I was heat setting scarves after painting them. I do remember looking at my table cloth at Christmas and thinking I should look for the iron but the truth of it is that once it had stuff on the table, you couldn't see the folds.

Mary said...

Oh yes, ironing is a great way to pass the time quietly and be able to think - for me anyway. I had to iron 15 shirts for Bob when he changed over to winter clothes just prior to Christmas - but I enjoyed it - would do 3 then take a break before starting again. I suppose I do prefer flat linens which are easier, always do pillow cases, tablecloths, tea towels etc., but not sheets!
I always helped mother with the ironing - it was our Sunday afternoon together time in the kitchen as she worked full time and we didn't like ironing at night. We talked and laughed with the door shut - while dad always watched the 'telly' in the sitting room!
When I iron now I always recall those special days with my mother, I still miss her so - 15 years this March!

Happy weekend dear Marilyn - cold but sunny here, more typical for January than last week's bitter freeze!
Mary -

P.S. What a great poem - I love her writing.

Rosemary said...

Rarely do I iron! The board and iron are tucked away in a closet, and it's a burden to haul them out of seclusion. However, my mother loved to iron. She found it peaceful and would iron in front of the TV.

wisps of words said...

Actually, no. But I can see how it could be a quiet and lovely occupation. Given the right setting. I can also see, how my setting (quickly, set up in kitchen) is not conducive to a nice experience.

Since I don't care to iron, I only iron shirts for my husband. I think I'll just go on, as is, and rarely. :-)

Always happy to hear of others, enjoyment of household activities though. They are part of life. Why not get any enjoyment out of them, we can?

Ann said...

Yes, I love to iron my clothes. When I was in grade school, I wore a uniform with a white blouse and jumper. The skirt had pleats that I would press to perfection and my blouse I used spray starch and was pristine. I admit now I love clothes and fashion and I press all my clothes to perfection. I love cotton, linen, and natural fibers so it requires pressing. I love to see my clothes freshly laundered and pressed in my closet. My husband calls it "pressing matters" when I set up the ironing board in the TV room and I watch movies while I press. There is a sense of satisfaction of being well dressed and groomed so I don't mind the task.

Tracy said...

VERY sweet post, Marilyn... and very fun that your male friend enjoys ironing so much! I know of no male who likes to iron. I do all the ironing around here. ;) And, like you, I like to iron. I like it a lot. It's a time to pray, day dream, think about the day, or tomorrow... It's nice to be so close to textiles. Especially maybe old textiles that have a story. I iron a lot of our things--clothes, napkins, tablecloths, pillowcases, tea towels for the kitchen. There definitely is something of the soul soothed when all the wrinkles are ironed out...everything just starts feeling better! ((HUGS))

Adrienne said...

I have a few things I iron and I do enjoy ironing. My dear, little mother ironed so many things when I was young and I always saw how much she enjoyed the time to meditate or sing. I think that gave me a good perspective of ironing. I don't iron much anymore but I do iron the vintage linens I use and I always iron my pillowcases and the deep hem at the top of the flat sheets for the beds. Somehow that seems to enough to make me feel happy.