Thursday, February 22, 2018

Back to Winter, Or is it Spring?

 Spring had begun in my part of the world;
 And it was beautiful with yellow daffodils, purple and golden crocus,
hellebore in shades of magenta and creamy whites,
and primrose all blooming in the garden.
 Then as if in a one night stand the morning after,
there was snow covering the ground.
 It has been beautiful and wet and full of delight.
 And like Camelot the next afternoon it was gone,
but yet to return again at night.
 So I am enjoying the beauty, but looking for the flowers to return.
Some daffodils are hanging on the ground and I have rescued them.
When the sun comes out in the afternoon some daffodils
have popped back up and again they shine.
 I am thankful for this beauty of winter.
Now go away!
And it has!
Spring, Ahhhhhh!


Jeanie said...

Mailyn, it looks like Narnia. You mentioned Camelot -- did you see the movie? Where Arthur meets Quenevere? Maybe that. Either way. Lovely.

Red Rose Alley said...

Your pictures are so pretty, Marilyn. It looks like a white wonderland around your neck of the woods. Spring will come, but I would enjoy this white wonder while it lasts. : )


Lorrie said...

It's been so beautiful - perhaps we appreciate it even more because we know it won't last very long! Lovely photos.

Faith McLellan said...

We are about to experience the same thing here in southeastern France: the first flowers are coming up, and some kind of polar vortex phenomenon is about to happen. Maybe no snow, alas, but down to -20 C/ -4F !

wisps of words said...

Oh, that is really hard! Having lovely flowers blooming, only to be snowed on! -sigh-

Here, we keep getting snow and warmer. But it is not spring.

Best of luck to your pretty blooms!!!!

Zaa said...

I am envious just looking at the daffodils... it’s too bad that the snow is still falling.. Your photos are really lovely and Spring inspiring so that is a real ‘ PLUS” for many of us.Thank you for sharing the beauty.

Tracy said...

What contrasting images--all beautiful!! We are still covered in white here. And at the moment big blasts from Siberia are blowing down on us--it's sooo c-o-l-d....bbbrrr... The winter has been pretty in it's own way. But I'm more than ready for spring, flowers, green things growing and warm sunshine! ;) ((HUGS))