Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Stacked to a Tea

Recently for a teatime snack I made a stacked tea sandwich.
Not the neatest or the most beautiful I have seen,
but still delicious.
Using what I had on hand there was a layer with cucumber
and butter, curry chicken finely chopped, and egg salad.
The bread I had in the freezer was sourdough.
Though I love the flavor of sourdough,
it didn't really give the clean cut to make a pretty sandwich.
Next time I would use something more pliable,
such as whole wheat or plain white bread.
I called this a stacked sandwich,
it is sometimes called a ribbon sandwich.
They can be very pretty on a tea plate.
Sometimes you can coordinate colors
to carry out a theme. 

So if you have a little bit of this and that in your refrigerator
and you want something pretty and fun for your teatime delight,
why not try a stacked or ribbon sandwich.

The teacup was a gift from a friend along with a blue matching cup,
Royal Crown Pottery, Balfour, made in England

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Red Rose Alley said...

Your stacked sandwich looks Yummy, Marilyn. I love sour dough, but only for toast and jam. I don't use it when making sandwiches. Kind of a rough texture. But this sandwich looks good with the cucumber, chicken, and egg salad. And a pretty pink tea cup to go along with it.

Happy Valentine's Day, Marilyn.


Jeanie said...

Happy Valentine's Day -- I'll need to make one of these one day! Probably with thin bread, though!

wisps of words said...

Ohhhh, those do look festive!!!!

Bernideen said...

Marilyn: That's a lovely cup and saucer. Happy Valentines Day and thanks for sharing!

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Marilyn, I haven't made this sort of sandwich in ages - thanks for the reminder!

Lorrie said...

That looks like a delicious stacked sandwich, aka ribbon sandwich. My mother used to make them for parties. We got to eat the cut off crusts and bits of filling left over. A fun memory.

Tracy said...

This is such a NICE idea! And could elevate a lunchtime into a lovely time time moment! The cup is sooo pretty! And I like when you tell us about the teacups/teaware... as I often ask! ;) Your wood cutting board is lovely too! Happy Tea Time ((HUGS))

Louca por porcelana said...

Your teacup is just gorgeous...Hugs!