Monday, February 26, 2018

Monday's Tea Quote

Originally an outdoor pursuit, tea making in
China was an informal affair.  All that was needed
was a good fire, fresh-preferably mountain-water,
a vessel for boiling water, tea leaves, and a bowl
to pour the tea into.
~Lam Kam Chuen

The teapot has been in my collection for a long time.
It is a clay pot with plums on the outside.


Red Rose Alley said...

I like the quote today, Marilyn. It seems that making tea back then was the same as making it now. Such an easy preparation, and when poured, filled with calmness and rejuvenation. I love your tea pot. : )


wisps of words said...

How interesting! I have never heard that it was originally an outdoor pursuit!!!

Jeanie said...

That's a fun pot. I, too, never thought of tea as an outdoor activity.

Tracy said...

Tea in all weathers, all locations, all times... I LOVE that! Such a FUN image, Marilyn! And the pot is beautiful... Happy Week ((HUGS))