Thursday, February 8, 2018

Colors of Springtime

In my part of the world this past week we have seen some sunshine.
It feels like springtime with the crocus making an appearance.
I decided to take tea to the outdoors one afternoon
and celebrate springtime in my garden.
The tulips were at the market and as you see,
I couldn't resist bringing some home.
What a delight to enjoy a little springtime.
It refreshes my soul.
 The sweets came later in my kitchen, but thought you would
enjoy seeing more colors of springtime.
Heart sugar cookies with a bit of citrus flavoring
and maraschino cherry mochi.

I know many of you are buried in snow,
but thought these cheerful colors might give you hope.
Yes, springtime is coming.
When it comes to you grab your shawl,
some pretty flowers, and a cup of tea
and run outdoors!

Happy weekend, dear friends!


Tracy said...

Hints of spring.... sooo lovely!! Those pink tulips are exquisite--the perfect pale pink... *swoon* ... We are waiting on snow here this weekend, so seeing all this is balm of winter-sore eyes. Thanks, Marilyn! :))) Happy Days ((HUGS))

wisps of words said...

Oh yes, we are still well-buried in snow. :-))))

And this post of yours, is a lovely taste of springtime to come.

All that pink, is a delightful color, to see. And I do love PINK! No pink, in winter.


Jeanie said...

They do give me hope, these hints of spring. I love the tulips (one of my favorites) and that pretty pink teacup and shawl are perfection. Yes, loads of snow here -- very deep, I discovered when I had to step into it. And more coming down. So this is a splendid reminder of things to come!

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh my gosh, I love that pink tea cup, Marilyn, it's gorgeous. The pink tulips are pretty, and the sugar cookies look YUMMY! Is that a black shawl, it's stunning? We've had some warmer days also, but I don't think Winter has left us yet. ; )

Have a nice weekend.


Steph said...

Ah, mochi! Just beautiful. So glad you've had a moment to enjoy the sunshine and tea outdoors!

Zaa said...

Just what I needed .... tulips and a breath of fresh air... It’s so nice to imagine that Spring is just around the corner as we still have 8 foot snow drifts here Br-r-r-r- ... although it is sunny today so that’s a plus( ha Ha)

Your valentine cookies look delightful as does the idea of sitting outdoor enjoying a sip from your lovely pink teacup... Thank You for the hopeful past...Hugs