Tuesday, February 27, 2018

On a Mission

 Saturday we headed for the Lan Su Chinese Gardens.
I thought we were there to enjoy the Lion and Dragon dance.
When we entered I realized very shortly that we were on a mission.
 It is the year of the dog and there was a scavenger hunt going on.
 We were searching for 10 dogs hidden in the garden.
I could hardly keep up with this guy.
There was no distracting him.
He was going to find those dogs.

 We looked high, we looked low, we looked all around the garden.
 The Lion danced for us, but our guy insisted this was a dog.
 We stopped only for Oriental Beauty Oolong tea and a red bean mooncake.

 We saw the dragon and a Chinese yo-yo demonstration.
The yellow dragon danced through the garden.
The challenge was met,
he found all of the dogs in the garden.
Well wasn't that why we were there.
It certainly wasn't to celebrate Chinese New Year or was it?
It was fun even with a mission.


Rainy said...

He's getting so big! <3 Looks like a wonderful day, I can't wait to bring Aubrey there for tea in a few months.

wisps of words said...

What a cute little "hunter"!!!!

Oh I love those Dragons!!!!!! Especially the red one!!!! Ohhhh my yes! I do love my dragons!!!! :-)

And the Moon Cake certainly looks yummmmy.

A delightful day out!

Linda deV said...

I have been to that park. It is stunning.

I was lucky enough to was through with my Portland son right after he had complete a class on chinese architecture. The park is full of wonderful symbolism, good luck charms and offerings. It was a beautiful day.

Mary said...

Little D isn't so little anymore!!! Cute as a button, and a great hunter by sound of it.
Looks like the rain left and blue sky and sunshine arrived - perfect.

Oh Marilyn, Lan Su - that lovely garden - know it was such fun time. The tea good of course, but that red bean mooncake looks awesome!

Thanks for the greetings - off soon.
Love, Mary

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, what a fun day! Love those colorful dragons. And the red bean mooncake looks scrumptious. Have never heard of that before. The garden looks beautiful, and I love that picture of your little one looking, searching in his red coat. : )


Jeanie said...

what a fabulous event! It looks like just loads of fun and such fabulous color. Oh D is getting tall! A perfect day for you both.