Friday, February 23, 2018

Cuddle Up

With freezing temperatures in my part of the world this week
I was thinking of cuddling up with my favorite bear
and a warm cozy blanket.
Then dreaming of grabbing that suitcase,
tossing a few things inside,
and running (not walking) to the nearest warm beach.
Do you dream of escaping to somewhere warm
when the weather is cold? Brrrrrrrr!
Yes, let's go!

Where would you go to satisfy your soul and warm your toes?

Happy Dreaming and Weekend, dear friends!


Jane said...

I have to say I'm happiest at home on a freezing day :) I'm not one for hot weather, 70* is enough for me. If I could I would go to New Zealand, South Island :)

wisps of words said...

First your flowers bloom... Then the return of freezing temps.... -sigh- It is enough to want to escape to someplace warm.

Usually, a bit later in the season of winter-going-but-not-yet-gone... I get the urge to find pictures of things like, a little grass shack on a lovely deserted beach, hammocks from palm trees, etc... And get out Hawaiian music cd's... Take up the attitude of; "This house runs on island time." Etc. :-))))

It hasn't hit me yet. But when it does, you'll know. From all the deserted beach photos, on my blog. :-))))

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, those teddy bears are so cute. I'm a teddy bear lover too. Well, to answer your question.....I love the Winters - the rain, and frost, the wind, the cold temps, but I'm not in an area where it gets freezing like some. So, the Winters here are always welcome. And I don't look forward to Summer, cause as I get older, the summers are much too hot. : ) Autumn is lovely here and Spring is sweet.


Jeanie said...

What a dear teddy. It reminds me of my childhood Steiff. Your snow must be pretty brisk. Cuppa tea and a teddy sounds very good to me!