Friday, February 2, 2018

In the Garden - First of February

 I know, I know Spring is not here yet,
but after the holidays and first of year I begin looking for signs.
It brings me such JOY to find signs in the garden that Spring is on it's way.
Above the hellebore are beginning to bloom.
How I love the pink and creamy white flowers in the garden.
 Since there are many buds on our 35 camellia plants,
I have been watching them closely.
We had one rouge bloom a month ago, but nothing else.
Now just yesterday I see HOPE in the garden
with this sweet pink bud.
 Then daphne is always an early bloomer and once
we see the sun these buds will open up and the fragrance with 
This is winter jasmine.
No fragrance, but sitting just under the hummingbird feeder,
they love to make a stop here for some nectar.
And finally, the flower that just says "Spring" to me, daffodils.
Can you see the heads forming? 
Very soon there will be daffodils in the garden.
And then I can say, spring has arrived.

"To see a World in a Grain of Sand,
and a Heaven in a Wild Flower."
~William Blake

What would  you add to that quote?

Happy weekend, dear friends!
All pictures taken this week in my garden.


wisps of words said...

It's amazing to see flowers, at this time. Amazing to me, because we still have snow and very cold temps, in the upper NE.

Of course you would be into welcoming Spring, with these beauties popping up in your garden.


Jeanie said...

Those signs of spring are happening NOW? I simply can't believe it! We're in single digits with the wind chill. Oh, what a welcome spring sight!

Red Rose Alley said...

I've always liked Camellias, Marilyn. And Jasmine is my favorite scent. I used to have a white jasmine bush at our old house, and the fragrance lingered in the back yard. How nice that you can go out into your garden this Spring. When we downsized and moved, I left my garden as well, and really miss it.

Have a restful weekend.


Sandra said...

O jardim já começa a florir. Lindo. Feliz fim de semana. Cumprimentos.

Jeanne Caron said...

Thanks for the spring preview.

Your quotes photographs and blog are beautiful.
Always a pleasure to visit.

Love Jeanne