Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A Garden Show and a Five Year Old

 The first weekend in May is a ritual for my "live-in gardener" and I
to attend the plant sale at Canby Fairgrounds.
This year we invited our D to come along and explore.
 In a way we were surprised when he said "yes".
He was fascinated!
Oh the wagon brigade was out in full attendance.
Whew! dodging those wagons and keeping up with a 5 year old
was a different experience for us.
 It ended up not being about finding plants for our garden,
but just experiencing it through the eyes of one 5 year old.
 A much difference experience and lots of fun,
but about 2/3 of the way through he was ready to go.
Yes, it can be a bit overwhelming for sure.
 We explored in different ways.
What fun!
 In the end D went home with one fly catcher, which totally intrigued him
and two pots of strawberry plants.
He insisted on carrying that fly catcher through the whole show.
He loves strawberries and when we bought one the grower gave him the second.
 Another grower gave him a frisbee, so he was a happy boy.
Seeing through the eyes of a 5 year old is
very different than through our much older eyes.
Whew! we were ready for feet up after that;
but oh so fun!!!!


wisps of words said...

He made himself, a "haul"!!!!!! :-) and had a new experience, and fun.

What a place! Must have been overwhelming, with all those gorgeous plants, and all those wagons. :-)))

Laura said...

Looks like a wonderful garden show! Children make everything so interesting.


Jeanie said...

This looks like such a wonderful thing to do together and to experience it through D's eyes made it extra special. I love that he brought home some plants, too!

Lorrie said...

It is fun to see things through the eyes of these younger ones we love so much, and then go home, make a cup of tea and put our feet up! We're taking two of ours boating this weekend. We'll see how that goes...

Rosemary said...

Oh! What fun! I can see why that flycatcher caught his eye! Looks like it was a beautiful and colorful adventure!

Adrienne said...

You were so close to my home last weekend but I wasn't at home. We were away staying with grandchildren. I love the Spring garden show that's just blocks from my home.

Tracy said...

What a FUN day... and love the wagons--great idea to tote around one's find and acquistions! Little D is 5 already! How did that happen so fast?! Looks like he had a great time too... maybe a new family ritual this garden show/plant sale?! Fun with the extra plants too. The cute-child-in-tow factor seems to induce generosity in folks ;) The plants look VERY good and healthy. Love that last pic, with D's big smile! ((HUGS))