Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Elderflower Cordial

From the garden I took some elderflower heads and a lemon
then mixed them with water, sugar, and honey.
Something delicious happened in my kitchen just this weekend.

Elderflower cordial happened.
I had never tasted elderflower cordial, but quite delicious.
In the glass I mixed the cordial, which was a bit sweet,
with ginger ale and a splash of apple cider vinegar.
I will try it on ice cream, a splash in iced tea,
maybe a sorbet; but the treat will be mine.
Many years ago I was served elderflower fritters,
now I can still remember really loving them too.
Ahhhh! The possibilities for savoring my elderflowers.
The following link is the recipe I used.
What fun to enjoy something from the garden in a different way.
Sipping with JOY. 

PS - I just realized I am not being notified when you comment.
Sorry for not responding or posting them sooner.
I will watch this closer going forward.
Have a good day!


Red Rose Alley said...

I've been seeing many foods made with the elderflower lately. The drink that you made looks refreshing. The elderflower is such an unusual looking one, and pretty. I don't see it around here. : )


wisps of words said...

Elderflower cordial! Sounds and looks lovely....

wisps of words said...

"Many Google+ blogs don't allow me to comment because I'm not a member. It's not commenter friendly!"

Oh mercy! Another problem for Blog Land! -sigh-

I do not, not, not like Blogger+.

If only bloggers, would make their "name" click-able link, take one to their _blog_! Not to their Blogger+ page, where you have to search around, for the link to their blog...

And you have been having problems with not being alerted to comments. -sigh-

But your photos are delightful, and I'll end, on that note!!!! :-))))

Linda Jennings said...

What a fun project for your elderflowers!

Mary said...

Oh how fabulous Marilyn - I love elderflower cordial and have been buying mine (English BELVOIR Fruit Farms brand) from World Market.
Even the royal wedding cake was elderflower!

Jeanie said...

Same here on the content notifications. I thought it might be me but lots of people who commented on my blog said the same. Wonder if it has to do with that GDwhatever. Blogger said it took care of things but I'm beginning to wonder.

This looks great. Marie at TheEnglishKitchen.blogspot.com just recently posted a recipe for Lemon Elderflower cake like Meghan and Harry!

Jeanie said...

Marilyn -- I'm replying as you asked. Just so you know, earlier I wrote a comment about the lemon elderflower cake. It's not showing here and I suspect it is because you have comment moderation. Or did you not even get the notification?

Angela McRae said...

Your elderflowers are lovely, and I think even the brew is charming looking! Wish I could sample it for you. ;)

(And I haven't gotten all my notifications in years, but Blogger is no help at all in solving the problem. I know I need to move my blog to WordPress but simply haven't found the time!)