Friday, May 25, 2018

How Time Flies By

 Spring is just taking my breathe away.
Each year I am more amazed by it's beauty.
After the dark days of winter I rejoice in the color,
in the festivity of it all.
 Above is the elderflowers in my garden right now.
This weekend I hope to do something delicious with it.
 The mountain laurel returns so consistently beautiful each year.
 Allium so briefly is here and then it is gone.
For some reason my "live-in gardener" tucked it in
the garden where I sometimes miss it.
I must go looking and there it is in all it's glory.
 And finally roses!
They are enchanting me right now.
The garden is full of their blooms
and I am in love with them.
Though with the new life of Springtime
I see how fleeting it is.
Life speeds along so quickly.
I want to hold the beauty of Springtime in my arms,
embrace it, and tell it to stay awhile.

Step out this weekend and savor every moment of Springtime,
dear friends!!!
Create memories of the beauty in your mind for those dark
nights of winter.
Happy weekend, dear friends!


wisps of words said...

Such good advice! Step outside. View and listen to all which nature gives us. :-)

You blooming is very much ahead of ours. But even the spring time greens are lovely. And the lily of the valley are starting to bloom! :-)

Happy Weekend...

Jeanie said...

Too early for roses here but the allium has never looked better! My neighbor has a lot on the part of her yard I can see and it's at the ditch, too. It's glorious. So are your roses and all your other blooms. How very lovely.

Happy weekend, Marilyn!

Joy said...

Your flowers are lovely! I'm glad to see what elderflowers look like, since I've heard so much about them recently.

Sylvia said...

Beautiful flowers, I love Spring!

Louca por porcelana said...

Gorgeous pictures!Have a lovely weekend!

Red Rose Alley said...

What a lovely rose picture. The elderflowers are so unusual looking, aren't they? The flowers in your garden are coming along nicely.

Happy weekend to you too, Marilyn. I went to the Greek festival today and had the most wonderful time.


Tracy said...

What wondrous beauty... *sigh* ...I think with each year, as we age, we appreciate such beauty all the more. :) So glad you shared these spring moments, Marilyn! :) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Angela McRae said...

I love how springtime is just now coming to your area while the peak of springtime was weeks ago here in my neck of the woods. You have so much beauty there at your home, and I love that you share it with others through your blog!