Wednesday, May 30, 2018

I Spy along the Trail

 Memorial Day was a perfect day to escape for awhile
and go for a walk.
 The weather was just perfect
and the trail was comfortable to stroll and view the sights.
 The gate greeted us at Steigerwalk Lake National Wildlife Refuge
near Washougal, Washington.

 Can you see the turtles shining in the sun on the log?
I went to find the turtles and I did!
I was thrilled.
 There is one turtle in this picture, but hard to see.
 There were magnificent birds too,
but they are so fleeting I couldn't capture with my camera.
Just one tiny black spot sitting on the bridge rail.

 From this view I could see the Columbia River (easy) and the tip of
Mt. Hood (not so easy to see).
It was a meadow for purple martins.
The little white dots on the pole were martin houses.
There were several along the trail.
 At the far end of the trail we came across another gate,
as we turned to head home;
but there was still a bit more to see along the way.
Some metal sculptures along the trail delighted me.
 But this completely caught me by surprise
and I just had to stop and chat awhile.
Two sitting on a bench enjoying the day with tea!
Can you believe I found tea along the trail?
They were drinking a nice Gaba Oolong
steeped in their little pot.
What a perfect way to enjoy the trail
and a beautiful Memorial Day.

 Of course I was watching for flowers too.
There was no disappointment there.
It was a day full of delight!
"In order to see birds it is necessary to become part of the silence."
~Robert Lynd


wisps of words said...

What a beautiful, beautiful walk!!!!

And you found tea, along the way!!!!


Red Rose Alley said...

I can't believe you saw a couple people enjoying tea on the trail. That must have been a pleasant surprise for you, Marilyn. Oh, how I love the daisies. They remind me of my mom. What a charming picture, "time to come home." What are those made out of? The birds quote is perfect, and so true. I have to be very careful and still when taking pictures of the birds. Some fly away quickly, while others stick around for a bit. This is such a delightful post.


Jeanie said...

I loved the time to come home markers and the one with the fork and knife. A beautiful walk, isn't it? And it looks like you had a perfect day for it.