Thursday, May 10, 2018

Spring Indulgence - Darjeeling Tea

 In more than one way the tea camel arrived at my home the past week.
It is my spring treat to myself to order tea from Darjeeling, India. teas have never disappointed;
so this week has been a delight of tasting some very special teas.
Yesterday the sun was out and I took my tea to the garden.
Added in with the treat were chocolates from Alma's Chocolate Company
here in Portland. That bunny chocolate actually had a flavored
So it was a gourmet delight tea time in the garden just for me.
In the cup was Arya FTGFOP1 Clonal, Autumn Flush, 2017.
Oh yes, definitely a good autumn black tea.
I ordered five different teas from Thunderbolt
and each one tastes fresh, they taste of the hillsides of Darjeeling, India.
I could pick them out just by their fragrance and taste;
but the one I had been anticipating was Castleton Moonlight Imperial,
First Flush of 2018.
For those that don't know "flush" means when it was picked;
so first flush is the first picking in the spring.
Castleton Moonlight is like drinking springtime and 
moonlight  in my cup. Oh, the fragrance of springtime!
It delights my soul, clear down to my toes.

The cup was a recent find at Goodwill,
called Indies by Johnson Bros.
Perfect for a cup of tea from India.
The teapot, a gift from a friend.
The quilt, a special treasure from my step-grandmother.

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Rosemary said...

What a fabulous teatime - just for you! Perfect teapot! Beautiful quilt, delicious chocolate and fresh tea. You know how to treat yourself well!

Red Rose Alley said...

What is nicer than tea time in the garden? Tea served in a blue tea cup. Always my favorite. The blue quilt from your grandmother is a treasure, indeed.

Enjoy your tea from India, Marilyn.


wisps of words said...

Such pretty, pretty tea names...

What a delightful spot, to enjoy them in....

-happy sigh-

Bernideen said...

so glad we have you here to give us this tea "education" first hand! The cup and saucer are a pattern that Martha from Lines from Linderhof blog collects! Thanks for sharing your delightful outdoor tea time!

Louca por porcelana said...

Your Tea time is delightful!Hugs!

Tracy said...

Champagne in a cup! Oh, what a WONDERFUL treat, Marilyn!! And tea chocolates too...mmm... And lovely teapot and cup for your treat to be in... :))) Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

Jean | said...

Beautiful, Marilyn! Although I don't do much ground-sitting these days, I love the idea of a tea picnic on an heirloom quilt!

Joy said...

How lovely to enjoy this special tea out in the garden!

Jeanie said...

That quilt is to die for! Oh, so beautiful. Bet you checked that ground carefully before laying that beauty on the grass (I would have put a plastic tarp under it!). A wonderful photo -- love the sweet flowers, clever pot and cup too! Fabulous. Just fabulous.