Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Better than Strawberries

 A fun photo shoot with strawberries.
Aren't strawberries just gorgeous?
Oh and they can taste sweet and juicy too.
 They remind me of a warm summer day
with the juice running down my arms as I pick them in the field.
That is something I did each year when my children were young.
How I love them on my yogurt with my morning tea.
They are delicious when plain,
but adding a bit of chocolate to dip into,
oh swoon!
Have you noticed that when you slice them you get a bowl of hearts?
When my birthday comes in March I know strawberries
will be showing up in the market from California.
They do delight my soul, but even more is when on Mother's Day
 my grandson told me he liked me better than strawberries.
Now that is saying something because he and I both 
absolutely LOVE strawberries.
 So this is my ode to strawberries
for I love their taste, delight in their red color,
and am enchanted by their beauty.
Sending love to D for I love him more than strawberries too!


wisps of words said...

Yes, strawberries are delicious, and beautiful too. :-)

a rich tapestry said...

What a sweet thing for your D to say! Strawberries are one of my favourite fruits. I always associate them with June and the Wimbledon tennis season, but we also enjoyed them recently when in Italy. Cut into pieces with a little sugar and lemon juice they were delicious at breakfast time.

Red Rose Alley said...

I love strawberries too, but sometimes they look better than they taste. Sometimes they will be bitter and not so sweet. But when you get a juicy sweet strawberry, it just makes your day. : )


Jeanie said...

Beautiful photos, Marilyn, and you are spot on about strawberries. The ones in the store are like styrofoam packing peanuts sometimes so seeing your home grown is extra special. Planning to dip a few in chocolate for the royal wedding. (from the store, alas...)

Tracy said...

I love the HEART in the middle of a strawberry! I just love strawberries too... It's too early for local ones here. At the supermarkets you can find all kinds of imported ones from places in Europe... mostly Belgium. We have about 10 strawberry plants and hoping for some berries in a month or so... mmm... :) Happy Days ((HUGS))