Friday, June 22, 2018

Down a Country Lane

This picture was taken just a few days ago.
It is behind my house, down the alley.
Each block in my neighborhood has a hidden alley separating
the house backs.
For some reason the pink roses on our pergola love
facing west; so I must walk down the alley to enjoy them.
What beauties they are right now.
When walking down the alley, which is indeed in the city,
it feels for a few moments like I am down a country lane.
I love walking the alleys of my neighborhood.

With a Hedgerow or a Fence

Inclose a garden if you will
With a fence or hedgerow-still
Roses' vagrant scents go roaming;
Dandelion seeds come homing;
Creeping in and under, tansy
Greets a sly out-faring pansy.
Shut the gate, bar it, lock it-
Thistles laugh, cornflowers mock it;
Honeysuckle vines climb over;
Through the interstices, clover.
And no berries ever grew
Robins didn't steal a few.

Some troubles end and some commence
With a hedgerow or a fence. 
~A Kitchen Sonnet, by Ethel Romig Fuller

I am so happy I found A Kitchen Sonnet at an antique mall
some years ago. I do quote from her from time and this
out of print book delights me.  Hope you enjoy it too.

I thought this particular poem describes what I see when I walk our alleys.
There are indeed vagrant roses, dandelions, and escaping vines of many kinds.
Even our fig tree hangs into the alley.

Happy Weekend, dear friends! 


Red Rose Alley said...

There are interesting things to see when we walk down alleys. They are mysterious and fun at the same time. You know how much I love them (red rose alley). ; )

Have a delightful weekend, Marilyn.


wisps of words said...

Ohhh, I love alleys! I love to walk in alleys!

The house I grew up in, had an alley. But I have never had one since. -sigh- But there are alleys in this city. So delightful.

I take it, that your garage is at the back of your lot, and you drive into it, via the alley. Homes are so much prettier, without ugly garages, stuck right in front. And they seem to almost make the ugly garage, the focal point of the curb appeal. -sighhhhhh-

Yes, we had to carry items, from garage to house. Or could always stop on the street in front, and carry in, from there.

The little town where I grew up, was built on a hill. Our street was up the hill, from the main st. And our alley, was up, from our street. So there were stairs involved, in getting from car in garage, into house. Oh mercy, I can just see people settling for that, today!!!!! Nooooo! Eeeek! No. ,-)

wisps of words said...

Mmmmm, I see a possible post topic, here. :-)

With a click-able link back to your post, of course. Where my inspiration would have come from. :-)

a rich tapestry said...

What I like about alleyways through a neighbourhood is that you can see other gardens or if there's a high wall there are often rambling roses, honeysuckle, lilac and overhanging trees for the passerby to enjoy. We have a narrow lane running by the side of our house which leads back around passed houses to the front entrance of this meandering cul de sac. There's another alleyway on this lane leading to other houses. It's leafy and quiet because it's a no through road with alleyway access. Although it's not in the city like where you live it's not far to transport services into the town. Lovely photos of your rambling rose and a nice poem Marilyn. Have a lovely weekend.

Silver Willow said...

new to your blog, and I'm just enchanted! Can't wait to get to know you! :)

Jeanie said...

How pretty, Marilyn! I do like the idea of an alley separating things. And I'll bet your walk is beautiful almost any time of year!

Tracy said...

LOVE this dreamy image, Marilyn...*swoon*... LOVE the quotes you share from A Kitchen Sonnet... such good observation and wisdom from those pages... :) ((HUGS))