Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Power of the Flow

 After returning home last evening and looking at my pictures
I realized this road trip was much about flowing waters.
Starting in Spokane, Washington with the river flowing through
the center of the city, I was astounded by the pure power of the flow.
 The power of standing just above on the bridge filled my heart with JOY.
 Then there were smaller flows, but beautiful in their own way.
This was found in the Japanese Gardens in Spokane.
 The immensity of the Grand Coulee Dam.
I couldn't even see the water flowing down that wall until
I peered through the binoculars.
Can you believe it spans 1 mile from end to end.
Here is part of the Columbia River that continues it's flow 
all the way to my home.
 The Chief Joseph Dam was not too far down the highway.
 Then on leaving Leavenworth, Washington we had to pause
and enjoy the beauty of the flow in those beautiful surroundings.
This was a different river, Wenatchee River.
 As we drove closer to Seattle we stopped to savor the Snoqualmie Falls.
Isn't it spectacular?
Oh the sound of so much water flowing nearby was capturing
 our senses and such JOY to see.
 So before heading home we stopped for some still water, some quietness.
This was at the Glass Museum in Tacoma, Washington.
It sits right next to a river too.
We picnicked nearby and enjoyed the quiet of the day.
 But yes, there was flowing waters from a teapot along the way.
Another day I will share more of tea time on the road.
When you travel do you find sometimes a theme to the trip?
"the power of the flow" really resonated with me on this road trip.

Water invigorates my soul
The energy flows
It surrounds me
And I laugh with JOY.
We grow in it's arms
Our thirst is quenched
Life becomes the flow
and we rejoice.


wisps of words said...

What a wonderful trip.

Such beautiful water sights.

I'd especially love the waterfall...

-happy sigh-

Red Rose Alley said...

Lovely picture of the Falls, Marilyn. I see a small rainbow close to the waters. It sounds like you had a nice time on your road trip. Looking forward to seeing your "tea time" on the road.


Jeanie said...

Marilyn, these waterfall and all the water -- just beautiful. Interesting -- I never thought about a trip theme apart from "Church trip" or "Museum Trip." But this makes mmuch sense.

Your poem is simply perfect.

Mary said...

That was fun trip - yes, water can be many things, wonderful and dangerous.

a rich tapestry said...

Thanks you for the photos of your trip showing water flowing in different ways. Such a contrast between the rushing water in the Spokane River at full swell and the calm lake where those delicate glass sculptures have been installed. I love the waterfalls and would enjoy seeing those in your beautiful public gardens and State Nature Parks. On my outings I notice the details of buildings - the more historical the better - and beautiful flowers, mature trees. History and nature would be important themes for me as I travel around.

Tracy said...

WOW... that that BIG WATER! How wonder that you were surrounded by different water features throughout your trip, Marilyn... VERY fun to see! Your poem is pure delight. Water...we grow in it's arm! I LOVE that! what a feast for the mind that thought is... ((HUGS))