Thursday, June 7, 2018

Tea Time on the Road

By now you know me well enough to know I will search
out tearooms when traveling.
So no surprise I found one in Spokane, Washington last week.
Brambleberry Cottage and Tea Shoppe
206 E Pacific Avenue, Spokane, WA.
Phone: 509-926-3293
On chatting with the owner, Dawn, I found out she has been
in business 25 years.
She does her business well.
I tried two different teas, a peach black and a honey pear.
The honey pear was my favorite and quite delicious.
  And then there was afternoon tea.
What a pretty tower of food.
To tell you the truth I can't remember what each item
was to give you the menu, but it was good.
As usual there was a cucumber sandwich.
The most unusual was a pesto sandwich
and it along with the salad was a delight.
I always have a smile on my face when I can enjoy afternoon tea.
The scone was good, but oh my! That crumpet was delicious.
My "live-in gardener" even asked for the recipe.
By the time we got to the sweets we were rather full,
so we ate the creamy deliciousness in the cup
and took the rest along for later.
After chatting with Dawn, she encouraged us to take a walk in the garden.
There was a beautiful wisteria hanging over the old baby crib and
lovely window boxes too.
If you find yourself in Spokane, Washington definitely
give Brambleberry Cottage a call for reservations.

The quote on the card we picked up from the cottage was a delight.
"There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated
to the ceremony known as afternoon tea."
~Henry James

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Bernideen said...

I think this looks like a lovely Afternoon Tea time for you to enjoy and it is always nice to sit and relax. I love that Henry James quote too! Thanks for sharing your visit Marilyn!

Jeanie said...

Oh Marilyn, this is so beautiful! How you must have loved every minute. I love the idea of a pesto sandwich. It all looks delish!

wisps of words said...

What a perfect place! In her home.

And her home is the perfect old fashioned kind of a cottage. Oh my!!!! Delightful.../

Mary said...

Such a delightful looking tea room - love the name. Glad you had such a tasty tea - like you I love crumpets and they take me back to my English childhood when we used to toast them in front of the fire on a cold Winter's afternoon!

Hugs - Mary

Mary said...

P.S. Lovely pic of you too Marilyn x

Robin Cooper-Wood said...

The tea room looks delightful and relaxing, and the food looks absolutely delicious!

Thanks for sharing and your photo is adorable!


La Tea Dah said...

Oh, what a fun visit! Everything looks so quaint and vintage and pretty. And the food looks delicious! I hope to go too, now!

Regine Karpel said...


Red Rose Alley said...

You always find the most charming tea shops, Marilyn. The peach black tea sounds delightful. I've been eating scones lately, so I'm familiar with them, but what are crumpets? It looks kind of like a biscuit on your post. And a lovely walk around the garden before you left. I've heard this quote before, and I think I used it very early on while blogging. : )


Laura said...

What a beautiful find! It looks right up my alley. Sigh...if I'm ever on that side of the country... :-)

Tracy said...

What a wonderful name, and wonderful place! Oh, I could love there---so pretty! A honey pear tea... ooo... that sounds so nice, especially for warmer days now. Lovely food...mmm... That quote of Henry James is a favorite--and so true! Thanks for taking us along, Marilyn :) ((HUGS))... and thanks for visiting at my place. I do hope Blogger will sort things out. :/

Connie said...

This is such a charming post and I am going to try and remember this tearoom. I live a little bit over a hundred miles from Spokane . . . what a sweet place to visit :)
Connie :)

Jean | said...

Marilyn, you can always refer your "live-in gardener" to my blog if he ever needs another crumpet recipe. Which reminds me, it's been a while since I last made them. Must remedy that.

Rosemary said...

This looks like the perfect place to enjoy Afternoon Tea! Thank you for sharing with us. We also delight in finding new destinations to enjoy taking tea - each one always so unique and memorable.