Friday, November 2, 2018

Small Pot Style Tea

Sometimes called Gong-Fu-Cha, small pot style tea comes from China originally.

Often we think the little teapots and cups you see in an Asian shop are for children,
but they are actually used for making tea in what is called Gong-Fu-Cha Ceremony.
Tea shop owners most often use this style for serving customers in China and Taiwan.
Quite alot of tea can be made in one of those small teapots 
because you brew for a shorter time and do many steepings all through the day.
Fascinating to me is how different the tea can taste brewed this way
in comparison to the English style of making tea.
The tea is steeped, poured into the serving pot, then served in the small cups.
The cups generally are three sips.

Above was a working tea table where many cups of tea were served at the tea festival.
Below is my serving table ready to steep tea and serve at my WuWo Tea Ceremony group
function in October.
WuWo Tea Ceremony comes from Taiwan, but again the tea is made in the small teapots.
 To learn more about Gong-fu-cha tea service you can go to Daniel Lui's post here:

Small pot tea style definitely is the way to go when sipping in an Asian country,
but also many of my friends most often use this style of making tea.
This is part of my occasional posts on different ways of making tea and enjoying.
No one way is the right way, they each are just different ways of the enjoyment of tea.

Happy weekend, dear friends!
Hoping however you make your tea you are enjoying the sipping.


a rich tapestry said...

Very interesting. Thank you for these occasional posts on different ways of making and drinking tea. Happy weekend to you and yours dear friend.

Jeanie said...

I learn so much from you. I had no idea!

Tracy said...

This was something I didn't really know about either--FASCINATING!! :) ((HUGS))