Tuesday, November 6, 2018

What I have Learned

Often my wanderlust has called me to travel,
to see the beauty in other parts of the world.
Sometimes I think other places have all the beauty,
but my heart is learning through the lens of my camera
to notice what is around me.
The beauty just outside my backdoor or down the lane. 

The Cedar Creek Grist Mill is one such thing.
I always thought grist mills and their beauty were in other parts
of the country, not just down the road in my part of the world.

Do you notice what is just outside your door or down the lane?

This grist mill has been here for a very long time and
for some reason I never ventured here.
It made my heart happy to do so a few days ago.
The autumn colors just made it all the more beautiful.
Now I want to explore each season to see how the
light and colors change.
Next time I won't just bring a teapot and cup for a picture,
but I will bring a buffet of goodies to the table and savor each moment.

Notice what you Notice
Pick up your camera and explore outside your door.


thel day said...

What a beautiful Grist Mill. So lovely with all the Autumn colours. It's true we don't have to venture far and should appreciate all the beauty around us. Thanks for sharing.

mamasmercantile said...

It has taken a lot of years but yes I do appreciate the beauty around me and am thankful for it. You certainly live in a beautiful part of the world too, such wonderful photos.

Jeanie said...

Your shots are beautiful and that color is fabulous. How picturesque and scenic. I'll bet with a dusting of snow it looks like a Christmas card!

Red Rose Alley said...

You can really see the Autumn beauty in these pictures, Marilyn.

To answer your question....Yes, every time I step outside the house, I notice many wonderful things. : )


a rich tapestry said...

The grist mill and surrounding woods are very picturesque. I imagine that the scene looks beautiful during each season of the year. I'm enjoying the changing colours of a cherry tree that I see through a big picture window. We're blessed to have such a lovely view from our back garden. You don't have to go far to enjoy Nature's beauty.

Tracy said...

BEAUTIFUL place, Marilyn! And I like your idea of a tea time-buffet there! I like to travel and still do, but it doesn't happen often. When I was younger I had such wanderlust--I wanted to see everywhere. I don't have that too much now--realizing the limitations of time, money, health, etc. So now I'm content to try to keep my eyes open to what's around me... there are often unexpected surprises, and that's always fun! Sometimes I take pictures. Sometimes I just enjoy the fleeting beauty of the moment without necessarily "documenting" it... :) Happy Exploring! ((HUGS))