Wednesday, April 1, 2020

A Very Hungry Bunny!

Normally the bunnies in our garden are not real live bunnies,
but a decoration for Easter.
So Monday morning when I opened the curtains to a new day
there was something out of the ordinary.
I had to look again and sure enough it was a bunny sitting by our sidewalk.
Running to get my camera and telephoto lens I watched as he came closer.
Into the rose garden and past the daffodils he came.
He could care less about the squirrel helping himself to breakfast
at our bird feeder. He was on a mission, a very hungry bunny indeed.
 He nibbled for awhile on one of the succulents in our pot.
Can you see his ears sticking up behind the pot?
 Then he headed for the backyard and this rose bush.
Now I didn't know bunnies liked rose leaves, but he devoured quite a few.
I guess it was a natural way of cleaning the bottom leaves on the bush.
 Moving along I thought oh no he is going for our new strawberry plants,
but nope! He just kept nibbling on grass. He thoroughly was enjoying the buffet.
Finally he must have been satisfied with our garden as he turned and looked at me for a moment
before going on his way.

Now this bunny was spotted in our garden last summer, but we hadn't
seen him all winter long.
He had grown and become a more adult bunny.
He definitely knew a good thing when he found it;
so I have a feeling we will see him again,
as he is a very hungry bunny and we have a garden worth nibbling.

When my children were young we had a rescue bunny that looked very 
much like this bunny; we are naming him Tomte II.
Tomte I was the first bunny and his ancestor has come to visit.
It's not carrots he is after, but rose leaves and grass.


Jeanie said...

I love, love, love that you have your own personal bunny with a name and everything! He's a handsome fellow and it is clear he's found a fine place to be. Thanks for the smile on my fave right now!

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh my, how wonderful a bunny came to visit you in the garden, Marilyn. What a sight! I didn't know they liked rose leaves either, hmmmm. He looks big and fattened, so I think he's getting enough food. I love your bunny statue too. I think the bunny was there at just the right time for you.

Happy April 1.


mamasmercantile said...

A joy to see some normality, that rabbit hopping around the garden was a delight. Take care and stay safe.

Lorrie said...

Bunnies are very cute, and there is one that has appeared in our garden recently. I'm sprinkling blood meal around the radishes and lettuce plants as I've heard bunnies don't like the scent.