Monday, February 9, 2009

20 Quilt Blocks

20 quilt blocks were given to me about a year ago. My mother-in-law loved quilts and had a stash hidden away in her closet. When she moved to a retirement community, she could no longer keep her hidden stash. The quilts were divided. Because I am the only one that sews, the 20 quilt blocks came to me along with another unfinished top. They are very old and were probably made by my husband's grandmother. Some of them look like a mouse has chewed on the corners. I know I would never get a full quilt made; so I wondered what I would do with them. Then, visiting the Tea Masters blog, I was inspired to make tea mats/quilts. Visit his blog and see the beautiful tea quilts displayed under different teapots. So this week I will begin the adventure of turning these beautiful, but old quilt blocks into tea quilts. This will be my creative endeavor this year.

"Life's all about moving your patches around."
~Sue Bender
What unfinished project do you have lurking in the closet? How do you move life's challenges to make something beautiful? It may not be what was originally intended, but something that is wholley who you are.


La Tea Dah said...

Oh, what a treasure they are!!!! Very beautiful! I know you are going to enjoy this project1


Stephane said...

I'm glad to read that my mother's tea quilts inspired you! The feel of this old fabric looks great. I'm sure it will enhance your tea experience!

online quilting community said...

These are real treasure. I will say intellectual property.