Friday, February 20, 2009

Flowers in the Midst of Chaos

Here is a picture of my kitchen this week. I love my 1950's kitchen, but dear husband hates linoleum. He has hated it in every kitchen we have ever had; so he decided to put oak hardwood flooring in our kitchen this week. What a mess! There is no access to the kitchen, no stove, no microwave, and no refrigerator. We do have an extra refrigerator in the garage. Yesterday I decided I needed a break; so off to the nursery I went for a touch of springtime.
Now I feel better. I am inspired to plant some flowers and enjoy.
All the seed packets are so tempting. I came home with some primroses, forget-me-knots, and packets of seeds.

Did you enjoy this little escape into springtime with me? Springtime makes my heart sing with joy! Now if I could only have my kitchen back.