Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sanctuary of Tea

Yesterday I received the March issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. In this issue there was an article on Tea for One. Quoting from the article:
The following tea party for one creates a sense of intimacy with the one person you need to know best-you-and offers a feeling of sanctuary that will have you coming away relaxed and revitalized.
1. Creat an atmosphere of relaxation by arranging fresh cut flowers and playing soothing music.
2. Find a quiet comfortable place either on the floor or in a chair by a window so you can benefit from the natural light.
3. Steep the tea in a small pot to the desired strength. If you're using green tea, never use boiling water. "you want to extract the nectar contained in the leaf, not cook the tea," say James Norwood Pratt. Use water 30 degrees below the boiling point and steep the leaves for less than two minutes.
4. While the tea is steeping, notice what's going on around you-the light, the temperature, the weather. Don't think; just observe.
5. Before you take your first sip, give thanks for the quiet moment you have created.
6. During each subsequent sip give thanks for a different aspect of your life, such as friends, health, children, spouse, job.
7. On the last sip of tea, smile softly to yourself and say one last sentiment of gratitude, such as, "I give thanks for the great abundance in my life."
8. As you clean the teaware, contemplate how the ritual cleansed your mind and body.
Take time for the ritual of tea today.


Steph said...

What a GREAT thing!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Nice article, I'll have to look for that magazine.