Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jade Teahouse

Yes, that is me having tea this week at the Jade Teahouse in Portland, Oregon.
There is a new Vietnamese teahouse here. I enjoyed a small pot of TiKuanYin oolong along with a lovely Sweet and Sour Soup. My friend, who had recommended Jade Teahouse, had a lovely sandwich with marinated fresh veggies on a baguette made fresh daily in the teahouse. This was a different kind of tea room, but one I am sure to enjoy again in the future.


Gardenia said...

Thank you for visiting my blog
and for your thoughtful words.

It was wonderful to journey through your blog. From one tea lover to another, greetings and good wishes! I love the all-American quality of all the things that are featured in your blog. That cupcake's got me thinking of Valentine's Day goodies!

La Tea Dah said...

It looks like a lovely tea room! You are fortunate to have so many choices for tea experiences in your community. And, this is a lovely picture of you!!!


Coleen said...

oh,I love tea, too!! mom was born in I was practically raised on tea!! i will have to visit that tea house...sounds delightful!!

Linda said...

I love to try new tea adventures like this! It sounds fun!

Annie said...

What a lovely picture to see on you and the new teahouse. I don't think I told you this but we had two tearooms in Turlock for the longest time. We are a relatively small town and for the big town up the road to not have even one, well, that's amazing to not have even ONE. We lost one of our tearooms a couple of years ago. Last month we lost our remaining one. Sad.