Monday, February 2, 2009

Quilt Monday

Friday I attend a quilt show at the Oregon Gardens. I hadn't been to a
quilt show in a long time and thought the timing was perfect for starting
my quilt series here on Delights of the Heart.
I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from the show and
the upcoming Monday's on quilts.
A closer view of the center of the first quilt picture.
The white flowers were slightly three dimentional.
This was my favorite quilt of the show. It had so many different
details in it from embroidery, applique, and quilting.
Another beautiful quilt.

The quilting was beautiful in this tie-dyed fabric.

A tea quilt for those of you that like tea. Now this was a kit
you could purchase from The Brass Needle in Dallas, Oregon.
If you are interested in more information check out
It is called the Tea Time Quilt.
I liked the old screen door with the quilt display.
Tomorrow I will show a little of the Oregon Garden's. It was a fairly cold day, but
since it wasn't raining we were able to walk through the winter gardens.
I took along my thermos of hot water, tea, and a light lunch to share with
a friend. Tea and Quilts was the perfect combination.

I have been a little slow blogging lately, but I should improve soon.
My office/craft room was moved to another room in the house. Then setting up a new computer and the room took more time than I thought it would take. Isn't that always the way it is?
I am so looking forward to sharing quilts with you for the next few Mondays. One of my loves.


Linda said...

These are all very beautiful quilts. Of course, my favorite is the teatime quilt.

La Tea Dah said...

Stunning quilts! I love the floral on black --- amazing. And the teapot quilt is lovely! I would enjoy making one --- but I'm in the mood for redwork rather than blue. Do you think that might be because it's winter and I'm tired of winter?

:) LaTeaDah