Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beverly Cleary on a Warm Summer Day

Did I say warm? No, I meant HOT.
It's a hot summer day, not just warm here in Portland.
Time to visit the playground and cool off.
Grant Park has a tribute to Beverly Cleary
with a fountain perfect for the children to cool off.
Beverly Cleary's books take place in the neighborhood that includes
Grant Park. When my children were in elementary school they had a parade
to honor her. They dressed as different characters from the book. Beverly
rode in the parade in a yellow VW convertible. They paraded through the neighborhood of the books. It was a thrill for the children to meet her and honor her.
The first statue in the fountain is Henry.
Henry is larger than life and the children like to
see how they compare to him in height.
Ramona is my favorite character. I remember
the Ramona the Pest story the most from
my children's reading time.
Ribsy was Henry's dog and watching the fountain this day was the favorite
statue of the children playing there. You can see his back is worn with the many children who have sat on him. This day there was one little boy about the age of 3 that loved Ribsy.
Each time the dog was unattended he would slip onto his back with gentle smile.
Each time another child would come by, he would get off and let them sit awhile.

Part of the fun of hanging out in the park and enjoying the water is sharing with one friend the pleasures of the best snowcones ever. I was like a child when I found that the same snowcone vendor was in the park that was there when my children were small.
Such simple pleasures, but ohhh so good on a hot summer day.