Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Linen Days

Aprons are part of my linen collection.
Love the hand painted cluster of grapes
and delicate crocheted edge.
This apron looks comfy and would do the job
of protecting the clothes. Now isn't that
what aprons were designed to do.
Marmalady's apron and pattern were taken
from this apron. It is very comfortable, no ties to bind.
from The Apron Book by EllynAnne Geisel
A Lovely Apron
by Phyllis Reedy Young
Once upon a time
An apron or two
Hung out on the line
Twirling in the breeze
Under a sunny sky,
Flapping dry.
(Can't you just picture that)
Aprons have a feeling of nostalgia, but are making a come back.
They just make sense when working in the kitchen. They protect from unwanted splatters on clothes. Aprons have been used for many things including wiping away a tear, carrying produce collected from the garden, or dusting off the furniture as you go to answer the door.
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